Industrial clerk

with the possibility of additional qualification in European business

During your training, you will pass through all the departments which are of interest to your future work: purchasing, sales, human resources, accounting, dispatch, IT and production. Not only will you get unique insights into the production of leather, but you will also gain important background knowledge, learn how to work flexible and will become confident in dealing with customers and business partners.

In addition, you can acquire the additional qualification as a “Europakaufmann / -frau” in your education. We support this additional education, which takes 2 years and includes the following: European Computer Driving License (ECDL), English in the context of vocational school teaching, Second foreign language, International business processes and 3-week international study abroad.

Are you able to work in a team, open-minded and enjoy the customer-contact? Then apply now!

Requirement for the training as an industrial clerk/woman are at least O-levels.

The training lasts 3 years with the possibility of shortening to 2 ½ years.


If you have any questions regarding the subject of education, please contact:

Vocational training

Susanne Zervos
Tel. +49 5533 9702 215

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Susanne Zervos
Hauptstr. 1
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