Summer Party & gerber christening by HELLER-LEDER

On August 24, HELLER-LEDER christened the apprentices at the annual summer party.

After it had rained heavily in the morning, the sun was shining again after noon and around 3 pm the summer festival began, at which three colleagues were "baptized" this year:

  • Nicole Schütz (Industrial Clerk)
  • Patrick Ihlenburg (Tanner)
  • Marel Herrmann ((2017 completed his training as electronics technician for industrial engineering and in 2018 his industrial master electrical engineering, with his 21 years one of the youngest masters of Lower Saxony)

Students of the elementary school and high school Bodenwerder provided with their paper cajons in addition to good mood and drummed a.o. "The Lions sleeps tonight" to the entry of the baptized.

From Café Cannelle from Bodenwerder there were delicious noodles, quiches and salads after the baptism and some employees had baked cakes for the sweet palate.

We are looking forward to next year!


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