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  Vintage is cool!




When you think about leather, long lasting items that go from one generation to the next come to mind.  One day you go up to the attic in your grandfather’s house and you find a leather briefcase. Once cleaned and restored, it looks as good as new!

This highlights one essential quality of leather: it ages well.

However, while the vintage leather briefcase looks great, it has no place to store your smartphone nor zippers, and you don’t know if you want to use it without those modern additions. Well, that’s when design comes along!

Leather is the perfect material for slow fashion and today we produce the articles that will become “vintage” in future generations.

Designers and stylists love leather and they constantly reinvent it. They have learnt how to take advantage of the wonderful properties of leather, and in particular of the ‘aura of eternity’ that will make it vintage with time. Leather creations combine the most modern design trends with the perpetuity of leather.

Leading leather industry organisations in Europe support designers and stylists with trend selections. In a constructive dialogue between stylists and tanners major trends are identified ahead of time to help designers and manufacturers in the production of articles that will fit well with the Zeitgeist.

Following similar initiatives in Italy, France, Spain and other countries, the PT Leather InDesign in Portugal has been promoting leather as a material for designers for the last 4 years with very interesting results.

Are you active in fashion, design and style? Why don’t you have a look at this 10’ video where internationally renowned stylist Joao Carvalho presents the Trend Book and Collection Fall - Winter 2021 – 2022.

The above Trendbook is also available online for designers to use as an inspiration and a tool for their product creations.

Yes… leather is a cool and modern material that one day future generations will discover as vintage!

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