New Blue Angel

At the international furniture trade fair, INTERZUM in Cologne, Dr. Buttner and RA Scholtz handed over the print-fresh certificates to Frank Fiedler from RAL.

Von Links nach Rechts RA Henning Scholtz - Frank Fiedler - Dr. Peter Buttner

HELLER-LEDER was already the first signatory for the "Blue Angel" in 2010, after the Jury's decision on environmental criteria for an eco-label for upholstery. HELLER-LEDER was therefore a pioneer in this product area.

In the revised version of the eco-label for leather, HELLER-LEDER is once again the first drawer. For the RAL gGmbH as a place of responsibility for the Blue Angel eco-label, this was reason enough to honor this commitment through a certificate loan.

With the certification of light-weight and pigmented leather the entire range of HELLER-LEDER was certified. The requirements concern the manufacturing process, the environmentally compatible tanning, but also the reduction of harmful substances in the leather.

With the award of the eco-label for leather, it is nowadays possible, for example, for upholstery furniture manufacturers to purchase low-emission upholstery leather.


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